Summer Solstice Crafts for Children

Looking for Summer Solstice related crafts and activities to make with your children this week? Here are my favorites from around the internet!

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"National Socialism is politically applied biology." _Hans Schemm

Why Nationalism?

If you've been wondering what the appeal is to white nationalism and why people are flocking to the "alt-right", here is a list of the biggest reasons why I went from being a liberal to being a National Socialist. (Spoiler alert: not anger, not ignorance, not hate.)

How to Boycott Effectively

It's easy to feel hopeless and discouraged when seems like the entire world is against us. Many of us have lost homes, our families, our friends, our homes, our jobs, our freedom, and even our lives. Not only that, places that shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against us on the basis of race, religion or... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Boycott List

If you don't already have a running mental boycott list going, here is a good place to start! Be sure to check out my post on How to Boycott the Correct Way. It was intended to be an introduction to this post but it got pretty lengthy. Boycotting when it comes to nationalism is unique... Continue Reading →

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